Deadly Class #20


Written by Rick Remender

Art by Wes Craig

Colors by Jordan Boyd


Marcus and the gang are on the run. They’ve made it this far with Viktor and his goons (among other things) trying to kill them. They’re almost out of this, but will they kill each other before someone else can get them?

Rick Remender’s voice in Deadly Class is a pretty unique one in current comics. The book doesn’t have a supernatural, science fiction, or horror twist that most Image books have. It does have a unique action twist but it tends to use that not as a crutch, but as a catalyst for our characters to interact with each other. It uses it to mask that this is a story about growing up and how that messes us all up. How you feel alone, you can’t feel happy, or after growing up in a bad situation and you lose your trust in others. The assassination school idea may be absurd, but these characters are dealing with real teenage issues. Like I’ve mentioned before, this may be Remender’s most personal book. Each issue feels like a page of his old diary set in his imaginary absurd world. Though Remender does it without feeling too preachy or cheesy. Deadly Class feels very authentic in it’s characters even if the situations they are in are not.


Wes Craig and Jordan Boyd continue to be excellent on this book. Boyd’s colors perfectly set each scene. If you thumb through the book you would notice each scene has its own hue and look. Boyd really knows how to make Craig’s pencils pop even in the opening pages when Marcus relays his issues with happiness and trust. The action in this issue (and book in general) really shines. Superhero books may have more implied action on the page, but they never look as ferocious as this book. The action scene of Marcus speeding away from the cops while Viktor is blasting away with a machine into this car really showcases Craig and Boyd’s talents.


Remender and company have really given us a unique action book about teenagers. While they are put into (obviously) super fictional situations, these characters feel very real. Even with its amazing car action scene, this issue has some calmer character scenes that remind us why we love these characters and why we’ve grown to hate others. We have one more issue in this arc and it’s ramping up to be a devastating finale.
Marvin’s rating – 9/10


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