Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five #7


Written by Brian Buccellato

Art by Mike S. Miller

Cover by David Yardin


This is the best issue of Injustice I have read in “Year Five”, it’s all about the legacy of Nightwing.  

The first chapter in this story is a casual chat between Alfred and Damian, my favorite part of this issue.  The witty banter they both share talking about serious events in this story is humorous and emotionally packed.  Alfred explains, to Damian’s disbelief, that Superman will lose to Batman because Superman’s life has always been guided by fear.  That made me think about one of my favorite heroes deep down because in some ways that statement is true. At the beginning of Superman’s life he is guided by fear, and since this story is out of continuity, yes it is 100% true that Superman is scared shitless by the world because of what happened to Lois.  Superman put all of his hope and humanity into Lois and once he lost her, he has always been frightened by the worst possible scenario.


The second chapter of this story has Harley and Catwoman pulling off a heist, which seems like it would be filler but honestly they are doing what they do best in the middle of one of the craziest superhero battles of all time and it’s fun!  They are about to escape when Damian stops them on a rooftop. Harley and Catwoman then question why he even cares.  Damian still follows all of Bruce’s ways even though he is on the opposing side of him, which is an interesting dynamic, because Damian acts like he hates his father.  The last act is great as well because Damian runs into a cluster of classic Bat Villains and he gets his ass beat causing him to pass out.  When he wakes up all of the villains are knocked out and it’s clear that he was the one to do it. Mostly because a certain Dick Grayson Deadman took him over and defeated all the villians.  Dick is hoping that Damian can find his way again and gives him a present so that when Damian wakes up he can don the cowl of Nightwing.


The art by Mike S. Miller follows the story well and looks like it comes straight out of the video game.  He can portray great action with emotional appeal and humor on each and every character.  The art worked very cohesively with this story and I would be good with him doing art for the remaining 5 chapters of this story.


This is the best issue of Injustice I have read this year.  The story wasn’t epic but it was emotionally driven and most importantly fun.  It adds to the hype and momentum that this story needs to make it all the way to the finish line.  
Garrett’s rating 9/10


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