Superman #51

Superman 51

Written by Peter J. Tomasi

Art and Cover by Mikel Janin


Holy cow!  Where has this issue been the entire run of New 52 Superman?  This is by far one of the best Superman issues I have ever read and I’m not just saying that within the confines of the New 52, I mean of all time.  This story covers the worst possible thing that could happen to one of our heroes and it ties together this entire run.  If you have read this entire series, like I have, you might have been disappointed by the Superman that has been given to you through all the brutality and punches it lacked heart and hope.  This issue turns it all around and gives me great faith in Tomasi’s ability to carry a title like Superman into Rebirth.  

Humanity is core essence of Superman and this is the first time in a long while that I feel that grasp of humanity has been found.  What a compelling idea for a story and I can’t wait to read the rest of the story.  All it takes is a heart driven story and the Superman we know and love shines through the panels.  


Janin’s art is fantastic and added so much to this story.  The colors he provides are so crisp and the detail that I feel he should have been on this book all along.  Janin did a great job on Grayson and it’s great to see that he can pick up another title and hit it all the way home.  The body language Janin draws in this book is unreal and can show the desperation of Superman who is only trying to convey to others that he wants to be there to help save the world but know’s that he doesn’t have long.


I wish Tomasi and Janin would do their own run on Superman because the Superman I have been waiting for 50 issues has finally shown up just before he lives his “final days.”
Garrett’s Rating 10/10


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