Action Comics #51



Written by Peter J. Tomasi

Art by Paul Pelletier

Cover by Karl Kerschl


Wham! Right off the heels of Batman/Superman #31 is Action Comics #5. Superman is finding his Cousin and breaking her free from a lab.  Let me tell you that seeing Superman and Supergirl talking to each other, after Supergirl has been gone for a while from the comics, is a sight for sore eyes.  These two Kryptonians have such a rich history and bond with one another that what DC comics has been missing is a good long conversation between these two titans.  Supergirl explains why she has been absent from the world while Superman tells her his condition.

It is refreshing to be in locations and have characters that belong to Superman’s core world, like the fortress, with one of the coolest passing of the torch moments I have ever seen in a comic book.  The subplot that started in Superman #51, with a random “S” wearing being landing in the middle of Metropolis, has this new character randomly showing up at the Daily Planet claiming to be Clark Kent and then murdering some Daily Planet employees for doubting his identity.  I think the big question on everyone’s mind is –Who the hell is this guy?  I suppose the next issue of Superman/Wonder Woman will tell.


The art by Paul Pelletier is another win for the The Final Days of Superman storyline.  All of these artists should have been recruited at the beginning of the New 52 but at least we are getting them now.  I am a big fan of Pelletier art as it just adds to the great visual storytelling of this arc.  I do like his heavy use of shadows that convey different emotions our characters are experiencing.  I also like one certain panel that reminds me of Marlon Brando in the original Superman movie that was done quite beautifully. That did give me a sense of excitement because I love Superman mythology.


Another great piece to the puzzle that is The Final Days of Superman. This is turning into one of the best Superman stories I have ever read.  The effort placed in this issue, like the two that precede it, are keeping this Superman fan happy and wanting more.
Garrett’s Rating 8/10


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