Batman/Superman #31


Written by Peter J. Tomasi

Art by Doug Mahnke

Cover by Yanick Paquette and Nathan Fairbairn


This is the second part of the Final Days of Superman and this issue keeps the momentum going from where Superman #51 left off.  

Clark is seeking Batman’s help to find his cousin Kara.  The book opens with one of the most fun Batman and Superman fights I have ever seen. I think with the mentality, what if Superman and Batman had only one more fight left together how would it go down?  Well, as both of these heroes are used to each other’s company it was quite the bout.  When Superman finally lets Batman know what his condition is, he oddly reacts like that he doesn’t want to believe the fact that Superman is indeed dying.  Superman tells him that’s just how it is, that there is no solution. Batman is in shock (well Bat Shock so you can barely tell he his stunned).  Batman helps Superman locate his cousin and that’s the issue.

What I love most about this story is the heart.  Superman is just giving everything he can because he wants the future to succeed without him. With every person he interacts with you can feel the emotion behind Clark’s words; all he wants is what is best for the world.


I don’t know why all these great artists are just now entering the Superman fold but thank God they are. With art by Doug Mahnke, who will be one of the front lining artists on the Superman Rebirth book, I already love how he handles the Man of Steel.  The word goes so very far but the image that ties to the word makes the scene so powerful and It’s crazy to believe that I can see the emotion in a comic character’s face and feel for what they have to experience.


This is not as fantastic as Superman #51, but for the second part of a very interesting story, the emotion impact is still there as we are truly witnessing the last days of Superman.  Tomasi is able to keep the momentum from the first issue going and not losing a beat by switching from one great artist to another.  As a Superman fan, I am so excited for what this story is offering and only get more excited for each issue of this story.
Garrett’s Rating 8/10


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