Huck #6


Written by Mark Millar

Art by Rafael Albuquerque

Colors by Dave McCaig


A story is only as good as it’s ending.

Mark Millar finishes up Huck in an action packed issue with a nice, calm ending. Huck and his mother break out of the Science City (while fighting some robots) and catch up with Orlov. Huck’s mother Anna has the ability to make someone do as she commands, so she demands that Orlov wipe all information about them and any research he’s been doing. Orlov does as she wishes but laughs as he states they’ll never have the guts to get rid of him, so he can always start again. Anna makes the tough choice to wipe his mind of all science he once knew. Anna shows us you can be a nice person, but never mess with a mother and her child.


The greatest achievement of this issue starts as Huck makes a startling realization — he’s forgotten to do at least one good deed at day. This moment is fantastic and reminds you the part of Huck that is great, his heart. Rafael Albuquerque shows his flexibility as an artist with this issue. In the action scenes he shows he can work with the best of them providing us with some amazing action panels. His line work work is great showing the robot’s fast movements and Huck’s strength. However, Albuquerque also shines later when Huck resumes his daily good deeds. We have a panel where he gives flowers to the woman who outed him in the first issue. When Huck says, “No hard feelings, Mrs. Davis?”, you can tell he is sincere by the look on his face. This whole series has been an achievement for Albuquerque and McCaig.


Huck wraps up nicely in this issue. While the action segments of this story will never be as good as just seeing Huck be a nice guy, they work in their own way. Mark Millar is really having a creative renaissance with his work lately and Huck is no exception.  
Marvin’s rating – 9/10


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