Karnak #3


Written by Warren Ellis

Art by Roland Boschi

Colors by Dan Brown


It’s amazing how much a different artist can change the feel of a book. The first couple issues of Karnak had a rougher yet fluid feel to its action. Like the whole thing was some sort of action dream straight from Warren Ellis’ mind. While we still have a compelling story, we have lost that unique look I enjoyed from the first couple of issues.

Roland Boschi does a great job on this issue. The prior paragraph is not to discredit Boschi on this issue, but more to say Boschi work is more the Marvel style. His art works beautifully in some panels along with Dan Brown’s colors. We have a few panels of the Helicarrier gliding across the sunset which look fantastic. The part of Boschi’s art that isn’t as great as issues one and two is the action depicted in the last few pages. We get some panels of some followers of our Inhuman kid (who Karnak is searching for) blasting the Helicarrier with some sound beams. This is told in static, silent panels rather than the sketch out madness we saw in issues past. The result of Karnak speaking back to them (heads blow up) is fantastic and gives me hope we see more action panels like this in the future.


Warren Ellis’ has not lost a beat in this story. Though delays (for reasons outside his control) may have ruined this book’s momentum, his story still has energy behind it. Ellis’ understands what makes Karnak an interesting character. The first half of this book is intriguing as we get to see Karnak figure out the Inhuman kid’s power and why this cult thinks he’s a messiah. I usually find the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D involvement in comics a boring and unnecessary inclusion, but Ellis’ has made Agent Coulson the perfect foil to Karnak.


Though I’m missing the art from the first two issues the art shows promise for future issues. Karnak #3 delivers in its story as Ellis’ knows how to make Karnak an interesting character in his own solo book.  
Marvin’s rating – 8/10


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