The Astonishing Ant-Man #7


Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Ramon Rosanas

Colors by Jordan Boyd and Wil Quintana


Plantman Vs. Ant-man


Scott Lang is in jail. But that’s the future, son! We got some back story to tell.

In the present (or maybe past based on your perspective) Scott Lang finds out his daughter is missing. Who could have taken her? The Hench card under her computer is probably a clue, so he goes to meet Mr. Hench himself, Power Brower. Hench is having a demonstration of their app. A man goes into the machine and comes out as…Plantman! The only thing that can goes against an Ant-man (makes sense). However, he’s taken down right away as Plantman is new to his powers and he cannot beat Scott. Power Broker gets away (while yelling that he did not kidnap Cassie), so Scott goes back to HQ. His boys tell him that Cassie wasn’t kidnapped (they found out because they took a side job (see prior issues of The Astonishing Ant-man!)) but she is working for Power Broker! She got powers from him to try to stop the competitor’s app, Lackey. She’s going to try to steal some stuff from Cross, but she doesn’t know that security has been stepping it up over there so she’s in for a shock. Scott is going to put together a team to go get her but he needs a bigger team so he’s calling in some favors.


Nick Spencer continues to be unfolding a fun and small(heh) Ant-man book over at Marvel. So far, this book hasn’t been bogged down by the new Marvel U’s status quo and is being allowed to do it’s own thing. The book has seemingly lost some steam, at least to me, in the last few issues. This may just be that I just read Spencer’s The Fix (It’s pretty great) so I know he can do so much more given more free reign. Rosanas’ art is still a nice fit for this book (with assistance from Boyd and Quintana on colors).


Spencer and company are continuing to put out a fun Ant-man comic that isn’t afraid to do it’s own thing. The most intriguing parts of this series has been Cassie and Scott’s relationship, so it’s nice to see the main story’s focus turn to that.
Marvin’s rating – 7/10


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