Paybacks – Wednesday Comics – #002

Paybacks – Wednesday Comics – #002

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Marvin, Alex, and Garrett are back for another week of comics! We talk about Marvel has some new books and the Harvey Nominees are out! Special guest David joins us to talk about Hercules. Garrett has a cold, but that doesn’t stop him from appreciating that Classic Superman is back. Alex shows some love for Buzzkill and Paybacks. We’re a month into DC Rebirth, so how’s it going? All this and more in this week’s Wednesday Comics.

0:00-7:39 – Intro

7:40-33:08 – News: Marvel announces some new books and Harvey Award Nominees

33:09-1:05:29 – Hercules #1-6 by Dan Abnett and Luke Ross

1:05:30-1:18:34 – Buzzkill and Paybacks by Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw

1:18:35-1:28:09 – Superman Lives (not the movie)

1:28:10-1:40:02 – DC Rebirth: One Month Later

1:40:03-1:44:14 – New Comics for July 13th, 2016

1:44:15-1:47:13 – End of the show

Thank you to Reddit user u/RIPGeech (Joe) for the logo.

Intro music: Miniboss Fight [Loop] by Visager. Used under Creative Commons License: (
News music:News Intro by Pigment Ajans. Used under Creative Commons License: (
End music: Good Times by Podington Bear. Used under Creative Commons License: (


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