Lightning is Faster Than Light – Wednesday Comics – #004


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All-New, All-Different Wednesday Comics! Garrett, Alex, and Marvin decided to reboot and change the format. This week we talk about some new books that came out on July 20th and review some books from last week. We ask the question, “What books should a new comic reader get?”. We also talk about our current Top 5 favorite ongoing books.

0:00-1:42 – Intro
1:43-4:40 – New books for July 20th
4:41-11:32 – Recommendations for the week
11:33-23:57 – First comic books for new readers
23:58-27:15 – East of West #27
27:16-30:56 – Nightwing: Rebirth #1
30:57-36:08 – Vision #9
36:09-43:08 – Detective Comics #936
43:09-46:34 – Old Man Logan #8
46:35-49:26 – The Flash #2
49:27-54:42 – Wonder Woman #2
54:43-57:20 – Hal Jordan and The Green Latern Corps: Rebirth #1
57:21-1:04:22- Action Comics #959
1:04:23-1:05:07 – Picks for July 13th
1:05:08-1:39:20 – Top 5 – Ongoing Books
1:39:21-1:41:03 – Upcoming books for July 27th
1:41:04-1:43:36 – End of the show

Thank you to Reddit user u/RIPGeech (Joe) for the logo.
Intro music: Ignition, Set, GO! by Bomb Boy. Used under Creative Commons License: (
End music: Good Times by Podington Bear. Used under Creative Commons License: (


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