Action Comics #960


Written by Dan Jurgens

Art by Tyler Kirkman

Colors by Ulises Arreola


The DC Rebirth line currently has two main Superman books, Action Comics and Superman. The latter seems to be a touching tale about a father and his son. While Action Comics has been, mostly, about punching Doomsday.

The three prior issues to #960 were pretty good, if not great, however with this last issue it’s starting to feel like too much Doomsday. Doomsday is never a compelling villain for Superman, but more of an even power match. A writer usually brings in Doomsday as the final boss for Superman to show how hopeless of a situation the Man of Steel is in. While that works, it’s hard to build any character development when Clark is busy fighting. If this fight had gone on for the first three issues, it would have been fine, but four issues seems like one too much.

The art by Tyler Kirkman is fine here though his work on issue #959 was better. It may be the scheduling of a bi-monthly book, but his work does suffer here a bit. There are inconsistent panels and faces throughout, but it still works for this book.

Action Comics needs to find its footing and start progressing this story. Introducing Wonder Woman is a nice touch, but all she adds is another fighter to the already dragged on fight. After four issues of Superman and Lex Luthor fighting Doomsday, we are ready to get on with the mysteries these issues have brought up.
Rating – 6/10


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