Wonder Woman #3


Written by Greg Rucka

Art by Liam Sharp

Colors by Laura Martin


Greg Rucka understands Diana and he proves it in Wonder Woman #3.

For a while we’ve gotten a strong Wonder Woman but in strength alone. However, Diana has always been a caring and thoughtful person who would do anything for her friends and family. In this issue, Diana sees how broken Cheetah has become under the rule of Urzkartaga. Cheetah tries a few times to flee or even hurt Diana, but Diana doesn’t fight back. She instead let’s Cheetah know she is going to help her and she would never turn her back on a friend. She’s strong for the both of them and vows to help Cheetah right the wrong she has experience. It’s a very touching story that humanizes Diana in a way that has been missing from her series for a while.

Liam Sharp has a very detailed, rough style that works out well for this story. We have a few splash pages in this issue that look fantastic. Laura Martin’s colors really bring out the better qualities of Sharp’s art.

Wonder Woman #3 is an amazing example of how great Diana can be as a character. Sharp’s art is a fantastic fit for this story and Martin’s color really bring out its best qualities. Rucka has crafted an amazing character study for Diana and Cheetah in this one issue. This may be one of the best single issues of Wonder Woman written in recent memory.
Rating – 9/10


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