Old Man Alex – Wednesday Comics – #006


Old Man Alex – Wednesday Comics – #00

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Comics! Comics! Comics! Old Man Alex, Garrett, and Marvin review some comics. Is Action Comics still good? Are we liking Civil War II? Plus, we play a little game of Comic Book Association on this week’s Wednesday Comics!

0:00-1:51 – Intro
1:52-11:02 – Recommendations of the Week


11:03-18:12 – Action Comics #960
18:13-23:15 – Batgirl #1
23:16-29:02 – Detective Comics #937
29:03-34:26 – East of West #28
34:27-37:55 – Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps #1
37:56-44:39 – Jupiter’s Legacy Vol.2 #2
44:40-51:34 – Wonder Woman #3
51:35-58:39 – Civil War II #4
58:40-1:03:39 – Nightwing #1
1:03:40-1:07:17 – Titans #1, Batgirl #1(again), Old Man Logan #9, The Mighty Thor #9

1:07:18-1:44:35 – Comic Book Association
1:44:36-1:46:06 – Outro

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Intro music: Ignition, Set, GO! by Bomb Boy. Used under Creative Commons License:


End music: Good Times by Podington Bear. Used under Creative Commons License:



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