Lost to the Phantom Zone – Wednesday Comics – #014


Welcome to Wednesday Comics! This week Marvin forgets to press record and we lost 20
minutes of the show to the Phantom Zone. Don’t worry though, the guys redo it as best they can. We have reviews of Black Hammer, Civil War II, Night of the Monster Men, and more. Also, Marvin and Garrett give their final judgement on Justice League. And finally, we play a new game, Flash Facts.

0:00-1:53 – Intro
1:54-6:10 – Books of the Week

6:11-16:32 – Batman #7 and Nightwing #5 (Night of the Monster Men Pt. 1&2)
16:33-21:06 – Black Hammer #3
21:07-28:05 – Civil War II #5
28:06-32:04 – Cyborg #1
32:05-36:32 – Justice League #5
36:33-44:11 – Dept. H #6
44:12-49:30 – Empress #6
49:31-56:06 – Seven to Eternity #1
56:07-1:02:54 – Superman #7
1:02:55-1:06:51 – Trinity #1
1:06:52-1:14:35 – Vision #11

1:14:36-1:23:14 – Flash Facts
1:23:15-1:26:11 – End of the show


Thank you to Reddit user u/RIPGeech (Joe) for the logo.

Intro music: Frozen Egg by Lame Drivers. Used under Creative Commons License:

The Fastest Man Alive by Blake Neely

End music: Good Times by Podington Bear. Used under Creative Commons License:


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