And Thanks for All the Comics – Wednesday Comics – #022


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Sit around the dinner table and break out your Wednesday Comics for the family to enjoy. This week we talk Thanos #1, Kill or Be Killed #4, Batman #11, and many more! Also, Marvin, Garrett, and Alex eat some pumpkin muffins and hard cider while we tell you all about what we are thankful for in comics.
0:00-2:14 – Intro
2:15-15:16 – Books of the week
15:17-20:43 – Thanos #1
20:44-29:08 – Batman #11
29:09-32:03 – Nightwing #10
32:04-36:00 – Hadrian’s Wall #3
36:01-44:44 – Black Hammer #5
44:44-49:55 – Superman #11
49:56-58:07 – Reborn #2
58:08-1:06:20 – Trinity #2
1:06:21-1:21:58 – Kill or Be Killed #4
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1:21:59-1:55:05 – Thankful for Comics
1:55:06-1:57:51 – End of the show
Thank you to Reddit user /u/RIPGeech (Joe) for the logo.
Intro music: Best Friends by Death by Unga Bunga Used under Creative Commons License: (
The Time to Run by Dexter Britain
End music: Good Times by Podington Bear. Used under Creative Commons License: (

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