The Christmas Party – Wednesday Comics – #026


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Now we have some comic books. HO-HO-HO. The annual Wednesday Comics Christmas Party is happening and the guy decide the best way to socialize is to record a show during it. We go back like Jack on Lost and review some books we missed over the last few weeks. Warm up the hot chocolate, put on your winter sweater, and settle in for this holiday edition of Wednesday Comics. 


0:00-10:12 Intro/Books of the week



10:12-15:35 – Superman #12

15:36-27:49 – Batman #12

27:50-33:13 – Green Valley #3

33:14-38:55 – Deadly Class #24

38:56-44:21 – Unworthy Thor #2

44:22-48:33 – Reborn #3

48:34-53:12 – Moon Knight #9

53:13-57:33 – Wonder Woman #12

57:34-1:04:20 – Daredevil #14

1:04:21-1:13:30 – A.D. After Death: Book One

1:13:31-1:15:32 – DC Rebirth Holiday Special #1


1:15:33- – End of the Show












Thank you to Reddit user /u/RIPGeech (Joe) for the logo.


Intro music: Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Darlene Love

End music: Good Times by Podington Bear. Used under Creative Commons License: (


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