Roots of the Swamp Thing – Wednesday Comics – #031


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Alex, Garrett, and Marvin as joined by the avatar of the green himself, John Boylan. John Boylan is the Guinness World Record holder for the Largest Collection of Swamp Thing Memorabilia and the founder of On this week’s show Alex argues he wasn’t given enough Bulleye, we applaud DC for the Kamandi Challenge, and Garrett brings in a new game!

0:00-17:40 – Intro

17:41-23:12 – Detective Comics #949

23:13-33:32 – Black Hammer Annual #1

33:33-41:40 – Daredevil #16

41:41-52:55 – Kamandi Challenge #1

52:56-1:01:14 – Dept. H #10

1:01:15-1:10:30 – Doom Patrol #4

1:10:31-1:37:43 – Gametime – Which Superhero is it Anyway?

1:37:44-1:39:33 – End of the Show

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Thank you to Reddit user /u/RIPGeech (Joe) for the logo.

Intro music: Swamp Thing Theme

The Time to Run by Dexter Britain. Used under Creative Commons License: (

End music: Good Times by Podington Bear. Used under Creative Commons License: (


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