Garrett Wants to Buy X-23 – Wednesday Comics – #037


Listen online:…/Garrett_wants_to_buy_…

On this week’s show we ask the question: Does anyone really love Gambit enough to warrant his own movie? Garrett talks about his Free Comic Book Day plans and reading Deadly Class. Also, we talk Old Man Logan #16, Green Valley #6, Kingpin #2, and more! Marvin then sits Alex and Garrett down to find out how good of friends they are with a new game.

0:00-14:55 – Intro

14:56-21:19 – Wonder Woman #18

21:20-27:07 – Old Man Logan #19

27:08-33:15 – Green Valley #6

33:16-36:36 – Kingpin #2

36:37-41:45 – Paper Girls #12

41:46-48:22 – Action Comics #975

48:23-49:58 – Deadly Class #1

49:59-1:20:22 – Game Time – Comic Book Friends

1:20:23-1:27:00 – End of the Show




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Intro music: Wednesday Comics by Marvin Salguero

On My Mind by Joshua James Hunt

60s Quiz Show by Podington Bear. Used under Creative Commons License (

End music: Good Times by Podington Bear. Used under Creative Commons License: (


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