5/10/2017 – Wednesday Comics Forecast

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Garrett is lost in the park so Marvin and Alex go over the comics released on May 10th, 2017! Catch our normal weekly review episode on Sunday!
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4 responses to “5/10/2017 – Wednesday Comics Forecast

  1. Hey Guys,

    Love the show, I subscribed a little ways back but never got around to listening, But now I’m caught up I binged a few pods last night on a long walk and was pumped for a preview show this morning. This is my pull list:

    Bug 1
    Rocket 1

    And where ever else the wind takes me, might have to look into the Doctor Doom Ironman that Marvin recommended.

    And I know you guys talk smack about Marvel having all their books follow the shows and movies…… but I really liked Guardians of the Galaxy 1….


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