Catching Up With Garrett

Hello Everyone! Catching Up With Garrett is a new feature from Wednesday Comics where I will be sharing short reviews about my first reactions to all of my books. I will submit 12 reviews on 12 books I’m catching up on so you can catch up with me in this wonderful world of Comics!

Damage #1

The art was good but the story was okay. I get that it’s establishing a new series but I was hoping to see more, either:

a) find out about the main character more to be able to connect with him,

b) Or more reasoning on why the main character Ethan Avery does not want to be damage after volunteering initially to do so!


Days of Hate #1

This is an interesting first issue. Hopefully it’s setting up the characters that will be at the forefront of this series. We see Amanda’s backstory with her ex girlfriend, Xing, who lost their child due to being pushed by Amanda because of anger over politics and how politics has led her to be part of an organization that is tasked with wiping out different factions by infiltration and wiping out of gang leaders. America’s countryside looks like a wasteland and cities look full of filth and decay. The art was good and definitely helps add to the apocalyptic view of at least New York and Los Angeles. Lots of questions seeded that I’m sure will be answered at some point or another.


Doctor Strange #384

The story was fun! It was cool having a wizard battle between Loki and Doctor Strange. Also, the fact that Strange harnesses the power of Ygadrasil. The little bits of comedy throughout the book made it enjoyable and quippy. The art by Walta was incredible! I don’t know anything about the void so interested to see what happens next.


Kill or Be Killed #15

The story was great in this issue. It’s following Dylan with his demon and it’s becoming constant that the demon appears to Dylan trying to manipulate and seduce him into taking another life. The art was amazing as always. There was just a perfect twist at the end that could have interesting potential for the next issue. My hopes of Dylan wiping out an imposter for his vigilante legacy which will send him further down the rabbit hole. Dylan seemed nuts before, but now he is definitely on the verges of insanity.


Mighty Thor #703

The art was so good by Dauterman. I love the fact he is playing with focus on the foreground and background, a cool technique to use. The story was intense when it was focused on Jane, more psychological in nature. I loved that Odinson, Roz, and Doctor Strange were protecting her from the hammer!

The scenes with Mangog were brutal especially with Heimdel’s eyes getting stabbed! It was great that Odinson and his father reunite before the last battle with mangog, only part I didn’t like is when Doctor Strange is giving a soliloquy in a dumpster talking to no one, felt like an ad to read Doctor Strange. However, by next time we see him it makes up for it but it took me out of the book.


Nightwing #37

There were so many things I want to say about this book. I loved the introduction of new character Babe Ruthless, she’s a badass with a bat and the chemistry of her character with Dick is very smooth. The flashback sequence throughout the whole book is very heartwarming plus the art by Janson and Sinclair for the flashbacks looks so nostalgic, the book sucked me in!

This being the third part of this story, I now know most of the pieces and it’s fun to see guppy’s connection to the story with his Dad King Sturgeon. One thing I love about Sam Humphries run is how he does his last page cliffhanger with solid black lines with panels in between that adds a lot of suspense! The art by regular Campbell is spot on and adds a lot of heavy shadow and contrast with the bright blues and reds that makes you feel like you are in the thick of Bludhaven. The last comment on I have on this book is where Robin thinks he is being fired as robin and Batman says, “Easy, Robin. Next Time…you’ll do better.”



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