Catching Up With Garrett

Black Magick #10

The story has always been a slow burn but things are starting to escalate with Laurent being revealed as Lavesque, Morgan having a son, and the evil force we have seen growing throughout the series is getting its hands on Morgan’s newly born child.

The art by Scott sells this book and sucks you in page by page. There is a lot more magic going on now then there was in the beginning of the series. The way Scott draws the evil beings sends chills down my spine! Excited to see the conclusion of this arc because I know it will be huge!


Doomsday Clock #3

Awesome story about the return of the Comedian; Rorschach interacting with Batman; and Mime/Marionette killing jokers entire gang on his turf.

On the return of the Comedian, it was cool to see him fight Veidt. You can feel the anger and malevolence from the Comedian trying to kill the man who “killed” him.

With Batman and Rorschach interacting together, there is quite a bit of comedy and seeing these two similar but completely different characters work together is a treat, especially when even I felt betrayed when Batman locks Rorschach in Arkham Asylum. I love the talent of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s ability to fool me because I didn’t see it coming.

The Carver Colman back up was awesome, I don’t believe he is a real person but again there was enough information for me to believe it for 3 pages. Gary Franks art was incredible and I can’t wait until superman is back in those pages.


Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil #4

I had about given up on this series. This prequel mini was fun but I was waiting for the reason of its existence, immersing in the universe can only take you so far. This issue saved the mini as a whole for me and in a huge way.

We FINALLY get a whole issues worth of Sherlock Frankenstein in the issue and it’s about his entire life story/reasoning behind going into isolation. I found the story to be so rich that I was sucked in and couldn’t leave the page even for a turn of it. That is a testament to Jeff Lemire’s ability to tell Rich Story.

The art by David Rubin worked so well in this mini along with the colors he chose to use in this book made this one of the best issues of the series if not the one with the best art/colors.


Marvel 2 in One #2

It would be much easier if they called this book Human Torch and the Thing but truly I feel the reason behind 2 in One isn’t because there are two characters at the center of the story but rather that is one part and the other is anything to do with the Fantastic Four. Everyone has been missing the Fantastic Four and if you are looking for a book to fill that gap, this would be the one!

The Story works great as dealing with current struggles of Human Torch/The Thing as they are carrying out Reeds final directive while also having flashbacks interwoven in with the Fantastic Four/Ben, Reed, and Von Doom in their college years. We learn a new inside joke between Ben and Reed that was heartwarming. The art compliments the story in amazing ways especially the dynamic between the present storyline and the flashback storyline.


Wildstorm #11

This book is definitely one you have to start at the beginning to understand, at this point in the story we see rising tensions between the skywatch/IO factions, plans being made to infiltrate said factions, and upgrades to AI tech.

On the point of the tensions between skywatch/IO, there was an amazing flashback in black and white with the two factions battling each other that was definitely the strongest part of the story for me.

The art by Jon Davis-Hunt is incredible and never misses a beat. This is one book I can definitely see the detail drawn into each character and none of them look at all similar because Hunts’ attention to detail.

What did make this book shine less is that it was very wordy and not just wordy but science wordy but if you pay attention to certain key words it sort of makes sense.



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