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Alex (@alexprostrollo) – I was introduced to comics around 5 years ago. A friend had lent me somewhere around 70 to 100 comic books ranging from Batman and Action Comics to Captain America Super Soldier and Amazing Spider-man.  Honestly I wasn’t always a comic book fanatic, but I as started to read the comics lent to me and as Flash Point had just started I jumped on and found what may be the most expensive hobby and that I down right love comics.

    As it stands I am all over the comic book spectrum reading Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, IDW, and Image. Love the owner created books such Tokyo Ghost and Autumnlands, but I always have room for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman, and Spider-man in my weekly stack.

Marvin (@marvin_salguero) –  My first experience with comics was when my father took me to a comic shop and I was able to pick up a few random issues. I still have my copy of Uncanny X-men #300 from 1993 (though the copy isn’t in the best quality, but I was 7). My interest in comic related media stayed around, however I wouldn’t pick up another comic until around 2005-06. Around that time I picked up a few trades that you would normally see on a beginner’s guide to comics: Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, and Civil War. After reading these books I was hooked. I picked up more trades and starting my journey into the Green Lantern universe. It came to a point where I needed to be reading weekly. Around 2007 I started picking up comics weekly and I still do to this day. My journey went from being a mainly DC reader to Marvel and now I’m reading everything from everyone.

Garrett (@garot2188) – “You’ve been a customer here for 15 years; of course we will hold that for you.”  At first when I heard those words at my local comic shop, I was dumbfounded to think about how long I have been reading comics (Now 16 Years) and I have loved every second of it!  I can even remember my first comic I ever got when I was 7 years old (Heroes Reborn Steven Rogers Captain America #1) and how much I would read that one book over and over again; that was only one book and I have read hundreds up to this point in my life.

            How I got into that local comic shop started with my childhood obsession with superhero movies especially the Tim Burton’s Batman movies and the Richard Donner/Christopher Reeve Superman movies (Superman II Richard Donner Cut reigns supreme!).  I had always loved superheroes and never had any way besides watching the movies to channel that love until one life-changing day my brother got assigned a project about comic books in grade school.  The day we went into a comic shop was to be nothing like I had ever experienced before.  The shelves and boxes full of comics seemed never ending and they were all full of infinite stories of the superheroes I love and thus the obsession began.

            My friends know me as the “DC Guy” because that is my world; not to say I don’t like Marvel or any other company but I am partial to DC because my favorite superhero belongs to that universe, Superman.  Superman for me was the friend I would associate with my entire life into my adulthood because Superman is always immune to physical issues (for the most part) but never immune to emotional drawbacks and that part of his legacy I could always associate with; To read how even Gods among men deal with life in every aspect is a comfort in the trials in everyone’s life especially my own.  As my tenure in comics has grown so has my appreciation of more characters in the DC Universe; I always hold a special place for Superman but for every ray of light there is dark and that brought on another of my favorite heroes Batman.  Batman encompasses for me my inner demon that needs its justice or redemption.  Everyone wants to overcome tragedies in their life and following the Dark Knight on his journey has helped many around the world on their own journey and myself included.  It only makes sense that Superman and Batman are the World’s Greatest, Light and Dark on the same team!

            In my stack each week there will be Superman, Batman, most of the Robin books and Dark Knight III from DC (Grayson, Robin Son of Batman, We are Robin, etc.); Avengers, Iron Man,  and Extraordinary X-men from Marvel; Tokyo Ghost, Walking Dead, Descender, Invisible Republic and Lazarus from Image; and new from Boom Studios, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!  These are just the spotlights of books I get across every company in comics with many more than that on my pull list!  I love comics and always will.



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